Welcome into my site.

My name is Sława and for over a dozen years I have been dealing with broadly understood applied arts – primarily in the field of contemporary jewelry. I am guided only by my own experience, thousands of hours of experiments and searches. Forms, matter, which, among others, I discovered for example in technologies for building gliders.

I am fascinated by the unknown world, which lies in my imagination and which arises in the real world.

I do all the work personally, spontaneously – pure unique pieces.

I am an ambassador of breaking stereotypes in the perception of jewelry with Baltic amber Jewelry on the border with design and art,   full palette of colors (I feel the colours very well), dynamics using a mix of media, far beyond the goldsmith’s art. Welcome to Nicheland, where stories from the imagination become utilitarian forms for the orders of people who are looking for exceptional works with the soul. I also make orders from fashion world, fascinators, cotillions, bags, wardrobe items – for individual orders.

All ideas and pictures on this site are my authorship visin.

I invite you to cooperate and implement beautiful projects with me

PS In my free time I fly my 15-meter octopus kite 🙂 and I’m the owner of the crazy doggie – boxer Felek:)



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